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Welcome to (AHAL – Action for Human rights And Liberation)

The Arunthathiyars of northern Tamilnadu, especially at Thiruvannamalai and Villupuram districts are few of the most neglected, despised and vulnerable groups among the Dalits. They are triply exploited by the dominant caste groups, by the Government and by the Church. They have neither property nor permanent income nor education nor political power and authority nor even any human dignity. Since, quite a number of them are Roman Catholics, the Indian Government considers them as Backward Caste (BC) and they do not get any benefits from the Government unlike their Hindu brethren. The educational situation among these people is dismal in nature. They have been discriminated in every sphere of life.


To ensure people with dignified, decent life and equal rights, to make them assertive and self- reliant.


• To provide equal opportunities to Dalits through quality education
• To inspire young minds to reach great heights in life
• To achieve immediate and lasting changes against discrimination and violence

Our Interventions


Entrepreneurial initiatives
Housing Projects
Skill Development Training
Employable opportunity to youth and women


Formal and Informal Education
Educational support
Issue and right based interventions
Access to individual and Community entitlements
Formation of Sangams


Upholding cultural identity
Creating counter culture


Inculcation of Left wing ideology
Inclusive Perspective
Justice based approach
Nurturing democratic values